Canopy height model (Color blind)

Dataset description

Canopy height model visualizes height of the canopy from ground level. It has been produced from laser scanning data by Bitcomp Oy. Laser scanning data refers to three-dimensional point-like data depicting the ground and objects on the ground. Each point is provided with x, y and z coordinate information. Laser scanning data is utilised i.a. for making topographic models. Topographic models are used in route optimisation and data collection applications and in applications studying water discharge and the forms of the ground surface.

General information

National Land Survey of Finland
National Land Survey open data CC 4.0 licence
Contains data from the the National Land Survey of Finland Laser scanning data


Bitcomp Oy, Yliopistonkatu 38, 40100 Jyväskylä, FINLAND, Tel. +358 400 731 127,