FFC Forest Mask

Forest mask displays continent Finlands forestry land in geometry format. Forestry land area is based on National Land Survey estate border data, which has been cleared of NLS's terrain database objects that are not forestry land. From total area are removed for example parcels which area is up to 1,5 hectares and parcels that have buildings on them. On larger parcels 0,5 hectares has been removed from around the buildings. Terrain databases area-type of objects which are not in forestry use, for example water systems, fields and urban areas, have been removed altogether. Railroad areas have been removed as estates. Road and electricity lines that have not been separated into estates have been removed based on the class and their defined width. Also small parcels without owner information and small shreds from the geometry processing have been removed.

Finnish Forest Centre


Layer Dataset Provider
Forest mask FFC Forest Mask
Finnish Forest Centre

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